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Workman Electronics

Workman Electronics T601 Discone Multiband VHF / 220 / UHF Amateur Ham Radio Antenna

Workman Electronics T601 Discone Multiband VHF / 220 / UHF Amateur Ham Radio Antenna

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Quick Specs

  • 144-148
  • 220-225
  • 430-450
  • UHF / SO239

  • 200W

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Discone antennas are great for when broadband application or frequency range is required. These antennas are capable of operating at a VSWR of 1.5:1 over a wide frequency range, making them extremely desirable for those wishing to work an extended range of frequencies. The small size of the T-601 is also advantages for those who do not have the luxury of space to install larger beam or dipole style antennas.

Simple construction includes screwing in the short elements on top to create the "Disc" and the longer elements on the bottom to create the "Cone"

  • Multipurpose Antenna
    • Scanner
    • VHF - 1.2GHz Amateur Radio 
  • Freq Range 25MHz - 1300 MHz 
  • Transmission Frequency Range:
    • 144 MHz
    • 220 MHz
    • 440 MHz
    • 900 MHz
    • 1290 MHz
  • 200 Watts

Does not include pictured mast.

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  • Hi, what diameter mast do you need for this antenna. Does the antenna have the mount for the mast? thx

    The opening on the bottom is ~3.5 cm. The antenna does not come with any mounting hardware.


  • Would the T601 discone be any good for satellite operations - primarily FM and SSB birds? I'm looking for something with high-angle and overhead coverage. I already have a Comet tri-band vertical for lower angle coverage. Thanks ...

    Discones are not ideal for working AmSat, but will suffice for low in the sky passes. They are not good at overhead. Adding a ground plane will improve. With any antenna your results will vary based on your location and surroundings.

  • " T601 Discone Multiband" What are the dimensions?

    32" x 32" are the stated dimensions.   Thanks Bill  

  • What is the gain on this antenna?

    Broadband antennas like this are typically Unity Gain, as a tradeoff of being able to work multiple bands without having to re-tune the antenna when changing frequency.