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Solarcon MaxOptimizer (Imax 2000) CB Base Station Antenna Fiberglass Omnidirectional

Solarcon MaxOptimizer (Imax 2000) CB Base Station Antenna Fiberglass Omnidirectional

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Quick Specs

  • 26.965 - 29.700 MHz
  • UHF / SO239

  • 200+

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Solarcon MaxOptimizer (Imax 2000) Heavy Duty Fiberglass

The Ultimate Optimizable 10-11 Meter CB Base Station Antenna. This is the updated new version of the Solarcon Imax 2000.

MaxOptimizer allows you to choose between a balanced 10 - 11 meter antenna that will perform well in both bands or optimize the antenna for the 11 meter band. To Optimize for 11 meter performance assemble the antenna with the 12” optimizer section installed between the mid and top section as a 4 piece antenna. For balanced 10-11 meter performance leave out the 12” optimizer section and assemble as 3 piece antenna. This "optimizer" radial is what makes this an upgrade over the original Solarcon Imax 2000

Fleetwood Digital wants to be your first choice for CB base antennas for sale in Canada.

  • Covers 26 MHz to 33.5 MHz using patented tuning rings and trimming the top section; approximately twice the 2:1 SWR bandwidth as the A-99 / MAX-99
  • (3MHz with SWR<2:1)
  • Entire antenna radiates producing a gain 1 to 2 db higher than the best of the competitors 5/8 wavelength antennas
  • Antenna tested to 5000 watts without failure
  • Mounting system provides easy one piece installation
  • Long ferrules make for a mechanically strong antenna
  • Comes in three 3-4 sections which are deliverable to most addresses in North America
  • Meets or exceeds CPSC shock hazard standards
  • Add the MAX GPK ground plane kit for even better performance over and above the Solarcon Imax 2000


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