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How to Stay Connected, Even on the Deep Blue Sea - VHF Marine Radios

What if I were to tell you there is a way to stay connected to the outside world, while in the middle of the ocean, with very little hope of getting any network coverage for your cell phone.

Or even better...

I tell you that you can absolutely do this without stress, high cost, or ongoing contract fees, and the answer to your problem is just a click away.

In this single post, I will provide the solution to the communication problems experienced by you and millions of other people around the world. It's no news that travelling or movement through water ways might pose a sort of communication problem for everyone involved. In previous times, communication with other users of rivers, lakes, and oceans, was usually left to the use of the light signals, experienced morse code operators, or shooting signal guns to alert other boats which might be in the area of the need for assistance. 

These and many more communication problems faced while in open sea are now in the past, and it's now easy to stay safe and informed on the waterways in all seasons with a VHF marine radio from Fleetwood Digital. The VHF Marine radio simply refers to the radio frequency range between 156 and 174 MHz. The “VHF” means Very High Frequency which of course refers to the very high frequency range of this radio. The best possible way to stay safe out in the waters and keep communications open as in the case of ship to ship or ship to shore situations is through a VHF Marine radio.

It's very important to remember that the use of cell phones are very limited due to the lack of cell phone towers while out in the open sea. Cell phones do not function without the presence of service towers nearby, and the lack of them in the open sea limits the cell phone options to other means of communication. VHF Marine radios do not require service towers unlike mobile phones and will therefore function anywhere in the world and gives you access to communication with other marine radios.

You can be provided with VHF Marine radios which are certified by Industry Canada for Compliance both in Canada and around her territorial boundaries, and are very important for communication in either ship to ship or ship to shore communications. These radios are equally fully compatible with the channels used in United States waters and the International waters therefore you will be totally covered.

There are three favourite VHF Marine radios in the market as at now. They have proven to be the industry leaders in 2018 and belong to the Uniden Atlantis brand already popular for its tradition of producing tough and reliable hand held radios.


The Uniden Atlantis 150 Handheld Floating Two-way VHF Marine radio features all NOAA weather channels, as well as all USA, International and Canadian marine channels. It also meets JIS8 Submersible waterproof standards. The Atlantis's brilliant backlit LCD display makes it easy to use during the day or at night. The JIS8 Submersible waterproof standards allows you to use this in about any sea weather conditions, while the NOAA weather channels sound an alarm when a hazard alert is issued. It also possesses other amazing features such as 1/2.5/6W (VHF) + Power Boost PTT Key, 10 hour Battery Life and Battery save mode, Headset Jack, etc. 



The Uniden Atlantis 270 Handheld Floating Two-way VHF Marine Radio also features all NOAA emergency weather channels, as well as all USA, International and Canadian marine channels. It also meets IPX7 submersible waterproof standards, and also possesses the Atlantis' brilliant backlit LCD display which makes it easy to use during the day or at night. It also possesses other amazing features such as an 18mm X 37mm display size, 10 hour battery life, Power Boost Key, Ac and Dc Adapters, Charging Cradle, Glow seal, etc.


The Uniden MHS126 Floating Handheld Two-way VHF Marine Radio comes with a design that fits into your hand with a large display which is pretty easy to operate. If dropped in the water, it floats back to the surface and glows in the dark while the power key makes recovering it easier. It can be set one time to a 1 or 2.5 watts to maximize the battery life and when the maximum transmit is needed to full 6 watts, just use the POWER BOOST key and you have instant full power. The bright strobe can easily be turned on, flashing SOS, and getting the attention of others when you are in need of help. The design is not only attractive, but achieves the highest level of water tightness, meets JIX8/IPX8 standard which allows for complete submersion of up to 5 feet for over 30 minutes. It can hear urgent NOAA warnings, marine broadcasts and has the ability to reliably transmit in the harshest weather conditions. It also comes with an AC adapter, DC charger, charging cradle, 11 hour rechargeable battery, an accessory battery tray, and a heavy duty swivel belt clip.

With the VHF Marine radios, your sojourn over the water ways either in boats or ships is completely secured as the gap between you and the outside world is successfully bridged, and the chances of hazardous occurrences due to lack of communication with other vessels are significantly reduced.

You can now shop VHF Marine Radios more easily and efficiently without having to break the bank at At Fleetwood Digital, all your orders are fully secured and will be delivered to you within Canada and the United States at a very low cost. Fleetwood Digital deals directly with the Uniden Canada distributor for all VHF Marine radios. Each radio comes with its original Uniden warranty and is serviced in Canada.





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