Online eLearning Courses

Fleetwood Digital is proud to have partnered with SHOP HACKER to provide low cost, yet concise eLearning online courses in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines. Lectured by subject matter experts who know, understand, and most importantly practice in their fields you will gain a solid foundation allowing you to move forward and help reach your goals.

Once you have selected and purchased a course instructions via email will be provided to log into your new SHOP HACKER dashboard where your courses will be listed. From there you will access the offsite course through the instructors hosting platform.

Purchase With Confidence! - All courses have a 30 day money back guarantee.

After you select and purchase your courses here's what to expect. Once Fleetwood Digital confirms your order it will be sent to SHOP HACKER for fulfillment. SHOP HACKER will email you an access code for your Learning Dashboard. This Dashboard will house all your purchases in one easy to find place.

Once you have created a customer account and logged into your SHOP HACKER dashboard, the redemptions area will contain all your courses. Simply select the course you wish to interact with and click the redemption link. This link will take you to the Academy website to enroll in the course at no charge. (You've already purchased the course)

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