Pofung P11UV Logging Road Radio - Our Top Pick

Pofung P11UV Logging Road Radio - Our Top Pick

Are you an avid hiker, outdoor enthusiast, or the type of person that loves to explore the great wilderness without modern comforts? Then you may want to take a look at the new Pofung P11UV Logging Road Radio.

The Pofung P11UV was designed to be a simplified solution for logging road users, highway drivers, and back country guides. Fleetwood Digital can help you get the needed license so the radio can be shipped pre-programmed for the BC RR Logging Road channels, and the B1 LADD highway channels. With 5 Watts of TX RF power, dual channel monitoring, and simplified operation, operators will have both powerful options and ease of use.

The radio is also equipped with a wide range of useful safety and emergency features. With the built in NOAA weather radio channels, you can stay abreast of ever changing weather conditions, great for the back country. Operators will also appreciate the ability to scan through channels and not worry about entering by the frequency.

Experience robust mobile operations from a handheld. Antenna upgrades are a breeze with the standard SMA antenna connector, and with the K accessory jack, you can easily connect a Speaker Microphone for clear communications. The included Stronger battery case, helps boost signal and power for those more distant locations, making this device extremely versatile.

Whether you’re on the logging roads, travelling the highways, or playing in the backcountry, the Pofung P11UV Logging Road Radio can help keep you safe and connected. With 5 Watts of RF power, and easy to setup extra functions, it's the perfect tool for anyone looking to remain connected in more isolated areas.

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