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Warranty Service Repair Plans For Amateur Ham Radios

Insurance Options to Fit Your Needs

CYA covers every kind of electronic product and appliance that you have in your home, apartment, dorm, or business. Our warranties cover cell phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, mini fridges, headphones, sound systems, printers, cameras, space heaters, microwaves, and dehumidifiers. These warranties include coverage for accidental damage, water damage, and hardware failure. Bundle multiple items under one plan so you can keep track of your warranties easily, paying one low monthly fee for everything you’ve got covered.


extended warranty for amateur ham radio


What is Cover Your Assets (CYA)?

Cover Your Assets is a monthly warranty program created by the experts at Consumer Priority Service (CPS) designed to cover your electronic products. CYA offers full coverage for your product, at a low monthly price, with zero contracts to sign.

What types of assets do you cover?

CYA covers electronic products and appliances in your home, apartment, dorm or business.

What does CYA cover?

CYA is here to make sure that your assets work the way they were made to.

Once you are a CYA customer, we will be available to help service or pay you cash for your broken items. To see what is and is not covered – CLICK HERE

What is CYA Social Good?

By purchasing CYA you are also helping the world. CYA happily donates up to 25% of collected premiums from claim free customers to the charity of your choice.

Why should I choose CYA to cover my amateur ham radios?

Our parent company Consumer Priority Service is a proven expert in the field, having provided sound warranties to millions of customers for the past 20 years.

How do I sign up to cover my amateur ham radio gear?

Click here!

ham radio extended service warranty plan

How many assets can I cover at once?

You can cover as many assets as you want. One of the best things about this policy is that we offer a bundle up and save package, meaning, the more assets you cover, the greater the savings. To get a bundle, simply add products to your plan when prompted or click here to ask for one!

How does CYA bill me?

CYA will bill your preferred method of payment monthly in US Dollars. To update your billing information, log on to your CYA Account to change the information before the next billing cycle.

How flexible is CYA?

CYA offers you the ability to add, remove or swap the assets you want us to cover – at any time. Simply log in to your CYA account to make the change.

Do I have to sign a contract?

One of the best features of CYA is that it is a no-contract-insurance service, which is designed to make it easy for all. You can cancel your monthly plan at any time, and we’ll even give you a pro-rated refund of the unused coverage.


Warranty Service Repair Plans For Amateur Ham Radios


Can I add more assets after I sign up?

More coverage translates into more savings. Add additional assets via your CYA account by clicking “ADD MORE ASSETS”.

How do I register my asset?

Click the link in your CYA account to register your asset, providing the make, model, serial, and a few pictures of your asset*.

*We mean your covered asset ;)

My asset broke. What do I do?

File a claim easily through the CYA app, online via your CYA account, or by calling a CYA agent at 800-202-7707.

Who will repair my asset?

CYA only lets authorized technicians service our customers’ assets. CYA coverage provides you access to TENS OF THOUSANDS of repair centers in our network that can fix your asset swiftly and professionally.

What happens when my asset is beyond repair?

There are times when not even CYA can fix your asset. Based on your asset and claim filed, CYA with either offer cash for its value or replace it with a unit of like kind and quality.

Does CYA charge deductibles?

Based on the asset CYA is covering you may be required to pay a deductible at the time of the claim. You can find the deductible information in your CYA account online.

How do I end my coverage?

Easily close coverage through your CYA account by clicking “CLOSE COVERAGE” next to the asset you would like to uncover.

amateur ham radio extended warranty service
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