Base Station Amateur Ham Radio Antennas

The antenna is one of the most important pieces of any radio setup. Choosing a quality name brand antenna is essential to any station setup no matter the brand of the radio being used or where the radio will be operated. For this reason Fleetwood Digital is proud to offer Red Cap Antenna as our primary Antenna Vendor. Did you know that many of the mobile Red Cap Antennas are assembled in Canada!
Not only do we sell the antennas, but we stand behind them by honouring the Red Cap Antenna "Life Happens" Warranty. There is nothing worse than acquiring an antenna, only to forget to tighten a screw and lose either the screw or top element. Fleetwood Digital recognizes that life happens, and keeps extra parts on hand for those "Life Happens" moments. Just one more reason to choose Fleetwood Digital, and Red Cap Antenna!